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A member of BAPIO, Dr. Parijat Bhattacharjee, is a consultant across North-west London hospitals including Northwick Park, Central Middlesex, and Ealing. Speaking exclusively to Asian Voice, he said, "Deaths among ethnic minority doctors and nurses are indeed disproportionate. But are we more susceptible to coronavirus related deaths? I can't say. Hypertension, diabetes and higher BMI among South Asians in the UK are prevalent. These could be contributing risk factors. On top of this cultural factors may add to the absence of social isolation, especially in families with elderly members."

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Gemma Collins reveals her desires to have a baby in her forties, talks losing weight to try to get pregnant

Gemma Collins has revealed she hopes to be pregnant next year when she turns 40. The reality TV star has been trying to prepare her body in order to conceive and has lost nearly three stone on the advice of doctors. Gemma believes if she could become pregnant, she could send a positive message to women who start a family later in their lives.

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